Simplifies our everyday life.

Ecopilot® is an innovative technical solution, but in practice it simplifies our everyday life. For everyone involved, from property owners to caretakers. In order to perform the work which Ecopilot® does, it would be necessary to hire around the clock engineers, who only work with energy optimisation.

Useful for the property owner

Everyday life will be simpler for property owners as it will be easier to have full control of the building. You can monitor savings and reduced CO2 emissions day by day, hour by hour. It will also be quick and efficient to detect energy thieves and rectify the problems, instead of allowing the building to “leak” month after month.

Easy for the caretaker

The everyday life of caretakers will be more efficient and they can spend time on the “right” things. Ecopilot® is an essential tool for meeting conservation the targets which have been set, providing a clear path to follow, enabling you to achieve your goals. At the same time, problem areas can be identified and rectified before becoming a problem. The control system largely manages itself and requires minimum maintenance.

Ecopilot® Energy and climate agreement

Many customers choose to continue with our Ecopilot® Energy and climate agreement which includes advanced monitoring and optimisation of the property’s energy system. Clients benefit from this additional service in year one as part of our installation process and have the option to continue from year two. The agreement provides you with access to a dedicated energy engineer who will familiarise himself/herself with your property, together you will develop the building with Ecopilot® Analysis as the tool. Read more about the Ecopilot® Energy and climate agreement.