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The effect of Ecopilot® is almost too good to be true. This is a reaction we often encounter. Many expect an increase in the property’s value and reduced CO2 emissions – but not as significant as the actual outcome. Becoming a customer is easy, four steps later everything is complete.

An estimate is produced

The building’s potential is assessed and an estimate is produced during the first contact with us or with a partner selected by us. It is based on your values and our collective experience, and naturally you will receive it completely free of charge and without obligations. You can easily calculate the approximate energy saving in your property here.

Inventory of the building

A meeting is scheduled in which we review in more detail how Ecopilot® can meet your specific requirements. We then take an inventory of the building’s installed technical systems. An assessment is made of the structure of the building, as well as its capacity for thermal storage and inertia. From this investigation, an offer for installation of Ecopilot® is generated which includes an accurate energy saving forecast. Our forecast is always conservative and 90% of our clients confirm that they save more than the forecast suggested.

Installation and commissioning

Installation, commissioning and optimisation of Ecopilot®. Our considerable experience of energy efficiency improvements in commercial properties and our understanding of how ventilation, heating and cooling systems can work together, assures that this step is conducted efficiently and with unnoticeable disruption to your main business activities. During the process we will provide all the training, advice and support you need to ensure everything functions perfectly.

Evaluation is conducted

We conduct monitoring roughly 8–12 months after the final inspection. Then we will review the results together, conduct an evaluation and discuss our continued collaboration. As a customer you also have the opportunity to innclude the Ecopilot® Energy and climate agreement.

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