Improve the yield and environment.

Improve the working environment, improve productivity – Our
clients/customers describe Ecopilot® as an
Energy Management Software that enables our various systems to
collaborate, rather than constantly working against each other. A
more pleasant indoor climate is created and maintained, while
costs are reduced. Plus, it contributes to fulfilment of the EU’s
requirements on greenhouse gas emissions. A smart solution which
works with all existing ventilation, heating and
cooling systems.

Save up to 40%

Installation, commissioning and optimisation of Ecopilot®.
Our considerable experience of energy efficiency improvements in commercial properties and our understanding of how ventilation, heating and cooling systems can work together, assures that this step is conducted efficiently and with unnoticeable disruption to your main business activities. During the process we will provide all the training, advice and support you need to ensure everything functions perfectly.

Results with Ecopilot®

The exact magnitude of the cost saving depends on,
among other things, the building’s size, nature and use.
Here are the savings we achieve:
Offices, hospitals and schools: 20–30%
Retail properties: 20–40%
Calculate the energy saving in your property here

A more pleasant indoor climate

The indoor climate will be noticeably more even after
Ecopilot® is installed. This is a
result of the ventilation, heating and cooling system being
coordinated and controlled with a longer-term view in
accordance with the eco-driving principle, as a posed to
knee jerk reactions being made to immediate climate
variations (either inside or out). The indoor temperature is
regulated within set parameters through sensors. At your
request, we can also install sensors that allow Ecopilot to
regulate CO2 levels.

Fulfil the EU’s environmental requirements

Properties account for 40 per cent of Europe’s CO2 emissions.
In accordance with the EU’s objective, greenhouse gas
emissions should be reduced by 20 per cent by 2020 and 50 per
cent by 2050. In order to fulfil
these requirements, many property owners install more
technology, which often has the opposite effect. With
Ecopilot® you will attain an energenius
building which contributes to the property fulfilling the EU’s


Popular by demand

60% of Sweden’s largest Real Estate owners have installed
Ecopilot®. Regardless of the design of the buildings, each one has
realised significant savings. The buildings’ design dictates
the saving potential, but each has seen a reduction in
energy costs of between 20 and 40 per cent. Together, they
have reduced CO2 emissions by over 10,000 tonnes per year.
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