Ecopilot® Energy and climate agreement.

This optional agreement includes that we, or a partner chosen by us, follows a structured programme which optimises the effect of Ecopilot®. Together we will analyse results, identify areas of concern and work with you to implement improvement measures.

Added value of an energy and climate agreement

Optimisation of the Ecopilot® and system training is always included in our offer for people who will handle the system. The energy and climate agreement is appropriate for property owners who want to progress significantly with energy optimisation through a personal collaboration with our highly trained energy engineers. When you have an energy and climate agreement, a personal energy engineer is linked to your property. You benefit from regular meetings with to discuss improvement proposals and receive help with implementing these.

Energy and Climate agreement methodology

During the energy and climate agreement we will work in accordance with a structured programme, where the aim is to identify and implement further improvement measures in the property together with our customers by utilising the Ecopilot® tools. The programme is based on us having meetings four times per year and that we will conduct active work between these meetings.

Meeting 1

Start-up meeting after commissioning of Ecopilot®. Initial results monitoring and identification and discussion on the property’s designed links.

Meeting 2

Results and monitoring of Ecopilot®. Presentation of the property’s verified designed links and which measures can be taken to handle these.

Meeting 3

Results and monitoring of Ecopilot®. The estimate of cost and saving is presented for identified measures. A shared action plan and time schedule are developed for implementation.

Meeting 4–7

Results and monitoring of Ecopilot® as well as implemented measures. Development of more measures and pricing if necessary.

Meeting 8

Results and monitoring. Conclusion of the Energy and climate agreement and possible transition to agreement on continuous monitoring.