Artificial Intelligence that works around the clock.

See Ecopilot® as an Artificial Intelligence which over-modulates the existing ventilation, heating and cooling system, regardless of the make. The principle is easy, we utilise all the free energy which is generated every day by people, computers, lighting and weather, which is then stored in the building’s walls, floor, ceiling, carcass as well as fittings and fixtures.

Real time optimised system

The problem with many properties is that they have a vertical system structure where ventilation, heating and cooling systems are designed, installed, controlled and operated separately. Ecopilot® is a horizontal platform which automates the system integration and optimises the systems in real time, based on a long-term utilisation of the property’s thermal storage capacity.

Compatible with existing control systems

Ecopilot® is a new way of solving an old problem. See it as a slightly more intelligent brain. We integrate it in the control systems for your existing ventilation, heating and cooling system. Ecopilot® is compatible with all ventilation, heating and cooling systems.

Utilises the building’s assets

The system is based on us utilising all the surplus energy which is generated in a building but which is often not taken care of. It also takes into account the property’s structure, as a result of which each property has a unique thermal inertia and is therefore controlled optimally based on these specific conditions. We refer to it as eco-driving for properties, or energenius building automation.

Internal and external impact

The system takes into account the indoor temperature, air quality and external factors such as the sun, wind force, wind direction and temperature. In addition, a local weather forecast is used and consequently the system can plan for five days ahead. In this way Ecopilot® can compensate, equalise and utilise different weather conditions in a timely manner.

Ecopilot® Power

Ecopilot® Power utilises the building’s capacity to store energy to optimise buildings’ power usage in relation to the energy supplier’s power rate. Connected buildings have demonstrated significant savings from reduced power charges after installation of Ecopilot® Power.